These are the ENGLISH WLN (Web Light Novels) downloads of each of the series translated by somebody else with the original language being NON-ENGLISH. I DO NOT OWN any of the content provided here, so please don't associate them with me. I simply turn them into PDFs and provide their download links so people will have a good time reading them when they don't have access to the internet.


Please note that I DO NOT TRANSLATE, but simple TURN THEM into PDF documents for people to have easy time reading offline. So, DON'T ASK me to translate series because I can't and I won't.

If you wish to request me to turn series into PDFs, please mind to be polite and ask me respectfully. I am doing this work freely, but that doesn't mean people should just DEMAND that I do something. Most of the series I do would be direct;y from the web unless I really like the series. If I do like a series, I will put more effort into making it neat and clean using Word Document with neat formatting for easy reading, but that depends mostly on the way translators and writers format their text.

However, this doesn't mean that I will do all the work given to me. With some series, I might not have the time and I will immediately let you know if I can do them or not. Also, I DO NOT do PDFs for LICENSED series and DO NOT ask for them here either.

Status Indicators



TODO This is where the list of stories that I will be getting download links for in the future. Most of these are recommendations made by users.

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    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Your welcome 🙂

      Feel free to suggest anything else

      1. There is some title that i’m interested, but it’s hard to find it and some already abandoned/licensed
        Here :
        1. No Game No Life
        2. Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut
        3. Sword Art Online
        4. Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka
        There is some too that i forget the title XD

        Thank you

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          I’ll see what I can do about the list… no guarantees though.

        2. Vijay Kakani says:

          Done! You can find the list of them above.

          1. OMG ,you get them all
            Thank you very much

          2. Some people recommended this light novel to me, but I haven’t read it yet, can you please make PDF file for this too
            1.Legendary moonlight sculptor
            3.legend of sun knight
            4.kill no more
            5.Mahouka Koukou no Rettouse
            6.Madan no Ou to Senki

            Thank you very much

        3. Vijay Kakani says:

          I’ve gotten most of what you asked for but… couldn’t get “overlord”.

          1. Thank you very much, that’s already fine, reading what already in the list at last took me more than 1 month to read them all ^_^

          2. Vijay Kakani says:

            Your most welcome! 😀

            Enjoy reading them!

  1. James says:

    wow, this is so helpful. i read 6 of the 7 light novels u posted 🙂

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I try to be helpful with these things scattered all over the places! 😉

      Besides, I also have stories of my I’m uploading. While this is for the “Light Novels” of others, mine is in the “Stories” page.

    2. Vijay Kakani says:

      If you got anything else you want to see, I’ll see if I can get them. Off-course, English Translated 🙂

      1. James says:

        Thanks for the offer. ill let you know if anything comes up. ill bookmark ur site 🙂

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Sure! In the mean time I’ll add a few others that I like reading 😉

  2. Morph says: googledrive for overlord, but there is also the site skythewood whose hoster is translating the second vol.

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Thanks! I’ve added it to the list! 😉

  3. Drago says:

    CN u tell me the way how cn i dwnld The Legend of Sun Knight as there r no dwnlding link cn u paste them???

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      They are here:

      Just scroll down a bit and you should see the PDF download links.

      1. Drago says:

        Thnks n also cn u make a recommendation section and also rate them in there links please as they help people like me as begginers 🙂

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Oh… unfortunately I’m not good with that… :/

          I’ll see about it though…

        2. Drago says:

          Also wut aboyt Overlord as soon as i click redirects me to skythewood link n there is no download link for it there 🙁

          1. Vijay Kakani says:

            Beside it, I’ve put a download link provided by the commenting user @Morph

  4. Drago says:

    Whenever i try to click the download link of shows u dont have thr permission n redirects me to My Drive. 🙁

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      That’s odd because it opened for me just now and they aren’t hosted by me… :/

  5. Drago says:

    Cn u also provide Pdf files of ur stories looking forward to them>>>>

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      if you want to find the download links for my stories, they should be within their stories page. Check this for the list of stories I am writing.

      I don’t know about the other four stories since they are stalled. I’m currently working on Phoenix Rising, so I’ll put up the PDF Download Links for that.

      1. Drago says:

        Do u know when they will be active again bcoz i liked Guardian warrior ?
        n thnks for the PDFs ..

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Oh… you do ah? Well… I could possibly be able to write both stories simultaneously. Yeah… why not? After all, I am only releasing a chapter per day now.

          Okay. I’ll start getting back into writing Guardian Warriors while also concentrating on writing Phoenix Rising. That should give me plenty of change of pace and mood 😉

          As for the others, I don’t think I can fit them within the time frame that I have. I’ll become busy very soon anyway, so I’ll do what I can for Guardian Warriors…

          Here’s the post I’ve made just now for keeping the downloadable content for Guardian Warriors:

  6. Drago says:

    Hey Vijay if u allow cn i also post fantasy n Adventure in pdf here?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Huh? Do you mean you want to post your PDF Stories here, on my site or something?

  7. Drago says:

    I mean English novels like Artemis Fowl,Wheel of Time,etc…

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Oh… no… I don’t want to host for PDFs of English novels. Only Japanese novels interest me right now and only the translated versions anyway.

  8. Fril says:

    Hi is it still okay to suggest?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Suggest, but if I can get it will depend…

      1. Fril says:

        there is only 1 I’m suggesting and that would be Outbreak Company. I can’t find that anywhere whatsoever. If you can’t get it it’s all good.

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          No… it hasn’t been translated yet…

  9. Drago says:

    Will u Create Pdf of this LN also thnx in advance

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I’ve already did them so far.

      Only from volumes 1 – 5 that I made strong effort into making it clean and neat with LN Illustrations.

      The rest are in Wiki format because they are easier and I’m waiting for the rest get illustrations before I make them into clean PDFs as well.

  10. Marco says:

    hi Vijay 🙂 i have a good backup of novel, so i would like to share with you.

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Awesome, thank you very much for the backups! 🙂

      By the way, the current list of chapters are up to 78 and I plan to write more! Hopefully, you’ll catch up with them soon 😉

      I’ve linked your DropBox here:

      1. Marco says:

        😀 i love your story!! i ll finish reading today ^_^ and make the rest of the backup PDFs 🙂

        i rename the folder of dropbox and note that the link die <_<, so i rename the folder so that don't repeat 🙂–%20Vijay%20Kakani?dl=0

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Cool! I’m glad the story is great. Initially I had a few doubts, but that’s in the past now 🙂

          Take your time with the chapters. There’s no rush with them. I’m just taking a break now, but I’ll be back writing more chapters soon! 😉

          I’ve updated my page as well with the new links. Great job!

          1. Drago says:

            Cn u post the above collection in PDF’s Vijay?

          2. Vijay Kakani says:

            Sure. It’ll be below the list of LNs I’ve got above.

  11. Splink says:

    Hi ! I tried to download Dungeon ni deai novels but It asks me a password. How can I get It ?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:


      That page wasn’t password protected the last time I visited (months ago).

      Ah, here’s the reason why:

  12. Splink says:

    Thanks for your answer ! I tryed a danmachi name (cranel), but It doesnt works 🙁 do you know an other way to get those novels ?

  13. Splink says:

    Oh sorry i’ stupid It was hestia ! I got them 🙂 do you know if the volume 5 and 6 Will are translate ?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      No clue, but I think they will be if the translator is still interested in doing them.

  14. Splink says:

    Ok thank you ! And Nice website 🙂

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Your welcome and thank you 🙂

  15. Splink says:

    It’s curiosity but how long does it take to translate a book ? I guess it’s not a simple question but yet ^^’ if I’m out of the topic tell me !

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      It depending on the length of words, paragraphs, pages and series. It also depends on how quickly and accurately the translator translates the books.

      For a good translator, it takes about a day. For a novice, maybe a week or two. For a group of translators, a month because of schedules.

      This sort of thing varies from people to groups. I think you notice that with manga publishments.

      1. Splink says:

        Thanks ! And do you know if the tome 6 of no game no Life is translated ?

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Yes. Volume 6 was translated, but Baka-Tsuki removed it and labeled it abandoned…

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Awesome! Good work, Marco 😀

  16. Splink says:

    Thank you guys ^^

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      No worries 🙂

      1. Splink says:

        Any idea of a date for the seventh tome ? (No game no life )

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Not sure, actually… After the 6th release there hasn’t been much news about it… :/

          1. Splink says:

            Hann, too bad. I read danmachi and no game no life but don’t know the others, is there something you advice me to try in this list ? ^^

          2. Vijay Kakani says:

            Well, I’m not sure about anyone else other than the list I got here.

            On the other hand, if you don’t have a problem, you could check out the story I’m writing. It’s called Phoenix Rising! 😀

            So far, I’ve released 88 chapters in total and it is still going. It has some grammar mistakes, I admit, but I’m no good at editing unfortunately :/

            Anyway, if you’re interested, check out the link and start reading from prologue. I got one proofreader and commentator and I won’t mind another to help out 😉


  17. Splink says:

    Ok I will try it ! But don’t expect me to see your grammar mistakes. 😡 I’m French and my English is not that good ^^’ barely enough to read novels 🙂

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Haha, don’t worry. English is not my first language as well, but I’m doing my best at it 😉

      I just hope the translators can translate the words into French properly! I haven’t been able to know anything about it since I can’t read in any language except English! 😛

      1. Splink says:

        I started reading in English because books I wanted to read were not translate in French… I don’t regret to learn it but for the moment, I don’t know any Japanese novels (or corean) translated in French ^^’. And I don’t have the level nor the wish to do it :p

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Yes, I know what you mean.

          Originally the plan was to release these books in Telugu language, but I don’t know how since I forgot how to read or write though I can speak and understand.

          So I decided to start writing in English and then translate it over later. Well, English is the default universal language so I felt it is easier to use English.

  18. Splink says:

    I finished the first part and began the second one. I quiete like the storie, it’s a bit “slow move” but I keep wanting to know the following. I like the way it’s written, it’s pretty fluid. One point I dislike is some dialogue, some of them feel a bit awkward. For example the conversation about when the husband and Felix wake up his wife by talking to loud, I understand the point but it seems to be a too serious talk for a “wake up”. But it’s just my point of view so … ^^’ hope it don’t upset you. 🙂 I’ll keep reading cause the story is catchy !

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Yes. The story is a bit of a slow progress I guess. After the earlier chapters, I slowed it right down to a smooth pace.

      The reason for that is simply… I felt the story was going too fast. I wanted more world building in it and adventure. That’s why, now it’s become like this 🙂

      Haha, I found that part to be highly funny. Laughed myself silly sometimes after reading that part 😛

      Well the dialogues might be awkward sometimes, but I did them to lift the mood since the action takes all that away! 🙂

      1. Splink says:

        Ok ! I get what you mean 🙂

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Yay! 😀

          Now to continue writing and feel free to comment on the chapters. I like reading comments of anything (likes, hates and reviews if possible) 😉

          While the readers do that, I’ll continue writing more chapters! Latest is 88, but before long I plan to cross 100 chapters in 4 days!

          That’s the plan! So wish me luck and hope for the besT!! 😀

          While you’re reading this, also check out the post where I keep the details of Phoenix Rising! This also includes my plans for the chapters! 😀

  19. Geriel says:

    Can you add the light novel of Campione, Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance, Oda Nobuna no Yabou, Tokyo Ravens, Absolute Duo and Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan. Thanks

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Already added:

      Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance
      Oda Nobuna no Yabou

      I’ll added these ones later once I collect them:

      Absolute Duo
      Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan
      Tokyo Ravens

      1. Geriel says:

        Sorry I didn’t saw the two there a while ago. Also, can you add Sayonara Piano Sonata. Its already finished and I think all of its volumes are already translated. Thanks

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Ah, I see.

          Sayonara Piano Sonata? Well… I’m not really a fan of it so I’m not sure… :/

  20. Drago says:

    Hey Vijay could u add High school , baka test n also update mushoku tensei

    P.S; The dropbox link of Marco is disabled 🙁
    Hope u cn provide the pdf fast thnx in advance though

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Sure. I’ll upload High School DxD and Baka Test.

      As for updating Mushoku Tensei, I’ve been looking to, but the illustrations haven’t been matched with the chapters yet. Without knowing what illustration goes where, I don’t think I can jump yet. However, if you really want me to, I’ll try over the weekend 🙂

      That’s a system default which notifies us when too many people are accessing it. Due to that, it’s been disabled. I’ll ask him if he’ll possibly choose MEGA to do those backups since it has more space than DropBox and better service.

      1. Drago says:

        Can u upload a tutorial for how to create the Pdf with proper explanation n also tell me how to place hyperlink in that pdf

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          I’m sorry, Drago. I’m very busy right now with my daily schedule and work. Because of that, I won’t be able to make a tutorial.

          But, the program I’m using is Adobe Acrobat XI. It is a program you either need to buy or download a cracked from the torrent sites.

  21. Geriel says:

    I think Rakudai Kishi no Eoyuutan volumes 1 and 2 are corrupted. Some of the pictures are blurred and some of the pages are blank. Can you please fix it thanks.

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I see. I’ll do what I can about it. So please be patient until then.

  22. ellio says:

    can you add konjiki no wordmaster, thx.

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I think you missed it in the list above 🙂

      I’m the one making PDFs for it since I’ve seen others making epubs for it.

      1. ellio says:

        oh yeah,sorry i missed it (lol).

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          I thought so 😉

          No worries. Enjoy reading them! 😉

  23. Harima says:

    Can u update pdf for tate yuusha. Thanks for your work!

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Sorry about that, but I have a busy schedule in life along with writing my own story. However, do not fret! I’m encoding each and every chapter into PDFs when I have a spare few minutes! 🙂 I’ll release PDF Packs of both chapters 251 – 275 and 276 – 300 at the same time.

  24. SleepingDon says:

    The Dropbox link doesnt work anymore 🙁 is there a new link?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Yes, I’m not exactly sure why, but it looks like that folder has been removed… :/

      1. EdenCode says:

        Aw noooo =(, this is my favorite place to find PDF’s. Any updates on what happened? I really appreciate you going out of your way to help encode pdf’s for the rest of us lazy/tech-illiterate people.

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Well, I don’t host that DropBox stuff., but it looks like it’s been taken down. Even in his site, there’s no news about why… :/

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Sorry Drago, but that story’s first few volumes all are separated and will take me more time than I can spend right now. :/

  25. imaginexbreaker says:

    heeelp, solitarytrans is already down so I can’t download danmachi T_T anyone has dls???

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      That novel is licensed so the translating site got taken down due to violation of the rules… :/

      Anyway, I put up a torrent download link if you want to use that to get the english translated novel.

      1. imaginexbreaker says:

        Ugh…I was too late. Torrent was deleted -_-

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Ah…! Unfortunate… 🙁

  26. paperbagman says:

    can you make pdf files for tsuyokute new saga and spirit migration?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Sure. I’ll add it to TODO list. Seems I need to start creating it from here on. 🙂

      1. paperbagman says:

        can you also do the To aru majutsu no index series(there’s a lot) though it’ll take some time so you can do it after a few months or so.I can wait.Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your help.

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Sorry, but that’s one I just cannot do. Firstly, there’s the anime. Next, there’s the manga. Final is that it’s been abandoned in Baka-Tsuki. Also the fact that it’s licensed is another fact that’s making me not want to do it.

  27. demongodfist says:

    can you rokka no yuusha too? thanks.

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I’ll try.

  28. 1tsh says:

    Thank you for your work!

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Your most welcome! 😉

    1. Vijay Kakani says:


  29. demongodfist says:

    thank you for rokka no yuusha 😀

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Your welcome 🙂

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Done. Uploading now. You’ll see the link among the list once that’s done.

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Will do later.

      1. geri says:

        Thank you.
        Btw Konjiki no Word Master seems to be missing chapters 60 and 61.

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          If it is, it’s probably because I haven’t uploaded them yet. Check back later and they should be there 🙂

  30. Charles says:

    Will you delete TnY like everyone is doing?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Not right now, but I would have to do that eventually… I’ll have to check how things are turning out before I decide that.

  31. lexter says:

    May ask if u have PDF of dungeon ni deai no motomeru

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Yes… I do have the 4 volumes of the PDFs.

      1. rulo says:

        I’m looking for dungeon ni deai no motomeru too, but the link seems as if it was broken (I can’t click on the title). could you check it later please?

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          With so many DMCA’s going around, I doubt they will be up even if I upload them. Anyway, I updated the list so hurry up and download them cause they’ll be removed by tomorrow!

      2. lexter says:

        Thanks very much

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Your welcome 🙂

  32. Drago says:

    Vijay if u r free pls create a tutorial on how to make pdf wanna create mine pls

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Alright. I’ll make one soon sine you’re asking me so nicely 🙂

  33. Convergence says:

    I can’t find Danmachi volumes 1 and 2 are gone in the Dropbox and MEGA doesn’t work. Can reupload volumes 1 and 2? \(T^T)/

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Gone? They are there because I can see them from my side. They are in the folders that I shared…

  34. Convergence says:

    In the Dropbox, Its says, “Certain files in this folder can’t be shared due to a takedown request in accordance with the DMCA.” Maybe that’s why volumes 1 and 2 doesn’t appear for me. Your MEGA is working fine now… Just checked now. Thank you very much of reuploading ^_^

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Yeah. I’ll remove DropBox and you use MEGA instead.

  35. lexter says:

    Good day vijay the volume 5 and 6 of Dungeon ni deai… available?? I want to read those volumes. I hope u can help me..

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t have the volumes of 5 and 6. I believe the DMCA warning is keeping people from uploading that stuff…!

      1. Hachiman says:

        Vijay is it possible for dungeon ni deai volume 5 and 6 get updated in the future thx before

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          I doubt it. The translator’s website has been suspended and there is no news of it returning. So I don’t believe we’ll be seeing one for Volumes 5 and 6 for a while, if anything at all.

          1. geri says:

            I’m not sure if this counts for anything, but it might get translated.

          2. Vijay Kakani says:

            Hmm… Interesting…

  36. Drago says:

    Vijay havent u prepared the tutorial yet???

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Darn it! I forgot to make the tutorial video today! Anyway, it’s getting late and I need to sleep now, but I’ll do it tomorrow! 🙂

  37. ABscalibur says:

    Good day, Thanks for your hard work<<>> can you recommend LN like Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo pls thanks in advance

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Mmm… I highly recommend RE:Monster since it involves VRG (Virtual Reality Game), slavery, harem and stuff like that! I’m enjoying reading it very much, although I like Slave Harem a bit mre simply due to it’s funny love/romance/harem 🙂

      Other than that, I’m writing one that’s called Infinity Hero. Only written four chapters because I’m concentrating on completing Phoenix Rising’s arc 5. It has the same themes and stuff (including slavery) in Slave Harem.

      1. ABscalibur says:

        Thanks A looooot Sir

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          My pleasure 🙂

  38. cuatroloko says:

    dude youre the best for putting up these pdfs!!!

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Thanks 😉

  39. Smackers says:

    Only place I have been able to run down DanMachi Vol 1- 4 is via torrent site

    That is the link in case anyone is interested. You shouldn’t see it go down anytime soon.

    Hope this is ok….

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Good. I’ve added the link to the pastebin content 🙂

  40. weeman says:

    thanks man, i’ve been searchin’ for the PDF’s for a while..

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      No worries 🙂

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Alright. I’ll add it in a few minutes. The PDFs will be in the Wiki format.

  41. [X]Jow says:

    Vijay Kakani
    The Konjiki no Word Master PDF links does not have any files?
    Is there some problem or are you reuploading them all again?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I’m right now compiling all chapters 1 – 68 into one PDF Pack with their illustrations.

      I will upload 69 – 75 in the meantime while I sort out the illustrations. I am having quite a big time figuring out which goes where…

      Sorry for this inconvenience 🙁

    2. [X]Jow says:

      Ah its okay, now i know the reason why it does not any files on it, since i bookmarked it :3 thx for replying ~

      1. Vijay Kakani says:

        Your welcome 🙂

  42. Smackers says:

    If there is anyone who has DanMachi Vol 5 let me know and I’ll add it to that torrent site as so it will be available to everyone without worry of losing it.

  43. Smacker says:

    From what I can find only 5 and some of 6 have been machine translated which can be found by googling

    If you don’t mind the raw translations and the fact that your eyes will bleed reading it then there you go.

    1. Drago says:

      Cn u pass me Those. Pls paste the link in here as reply

      1. Joe says:

        I advice against it, its horrible….

      2. Vijay Kakani says:

        Machine translations are not good, Drago. Take me for instance when I struggled to translate some of them before I decided I’m unsuited for the job! 🙁

  44. boo says:

    hey, can u pls upload the link of Danmachi volume 5 if possible?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      That’s what we’ve been discussing in the above thread. The volumes 5 and 6 are most likely machine translated and will be hard to read. Your brains will blow up before you get it unless you’re okay with scratchy stuff…

  45. Smackers says:

    I would post the link but the site thinks it is spam which is why I didn’t leave one. I can usually put up with crazy translations but I just read the prologue and there is no way you will understand half of whats going on due to the name changes and the wording. Some you can figure out but most just make you want to beat your head with your laptop. If you want it bad enough as I mentioned you can GOOGLE it

  46. Smackers says:

    Seems like every time I post something I end up finding out something that I wish I could edit my last post and add.

    Anyways, here Danmachi Vol 5 Prologue and chapter 1. This is all that has been translated, sign up and when a new translation is uploaded to the folder it will contact you. Otherwise just DL and enjoy.

  47. Smackers says:

    This is what I meant about an edit button.

    Here is a new link for Danmachi Vol 1 – 4

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Sorry Dragon, but I won’t be doing these three. For one thing, they are very long and secondly they are getting manga publishments.

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Mmm… I’ll try Tsuki-Tsuki, but it’s long… :/

          Mmm… Again, I’ve the same problem with Tsuki-Tsuki which I stated above.

          I just don’t have that much of a free time to make PDFs for these sort of stories… 🙁

        2. Vijay Kakani says:

          Drago, I did the first volume. Check whether they are okay or not because it was a pain to do… :/

          Anyway… I got my own story and work to focus on. So yeah… I’ll drop it at volume 1.

  48. Drago says:

    Also Hav a question when creating PDF wasnt able to find the post so commented here..
    When I try try to create Ln from Some sites like Unlimited translation Failures the background color i.e Gray also copied How cn i remove that ?? Thnx for the Tutorial thought really helped 🙂

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Ah. When you’re copying the text from a website or stuff and paste it into a Word Document, it automatically copies the formatting.

      I’ll do another tutorial in two-three days to cover that part.

      Good! Glad you found that tutorial helpful 🙂

      1. geri says:

        Where can I find the first one?

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          I’ve added a “Tutorial” section to the top. They’ll be listed underneath it.

          1. geri says:

            Ah, found it, thanks.

  49. Geezer says:

    Btw, how do you fit the image into the page?. it will be very helpful if you can make some tutorial about it.

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I’ll do it later if possible. 🙂

  50. Hydrogen says:

    Is there any available links for sword art online 15 alicization invading?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      There could be, but I wouldn’t know about it.

  51. Eden Code says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could please make a PDF for Mahouka 14? Thanks for your time and everything you’ve done!

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Done, but it’s in Baka-Tsuki wiki format.

      You’re welcome 🙂

  52. Drago says:

    Vijay this one please as fast as u can

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Do you want me to PDFs for them?

      1. Shounak says:

        yes… I want to read them.

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Already did. They are listed in the list above.

          “Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Ita Koro”

          1. Shounak says:

            Thank you very much

  53. Gladisx5 says:

    I can’t use most of the mediagire links, when I open tem there aren’t any files in them.

    1. Gladisx5 says:

      mediafire* them*

    2. Vijay Kakani says:

      All files are inside their respective folders in MediaFire.

      Could you please tell me which ones you are having trouble with accessing and I will see to it.

      1. Gladisx5 says:

        It seems that everything is fine now, though nothing worked yestrday. Sorry it might have been my problem.

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Yeah, most likely because they loaded for me (even after I logged out of my account).

          Since they are all good again, that’s good 🙂

  54. lexter says:

    Hi Vijay.. Do you have a light novel of the new gate?? If u have please kindly share.. Thanks

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      No, sorry, I don’t… 🙁

      1. Light says:

        I hav got it ….

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          If you don’t mind sharing them, maybe MEGA or MediaFire or something like that so I can link to them?

  55. Light says:

    Hello sir,
    Drago recommended me this for fast pdf . Could u please create these ones also

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Okay. I’ll try my best, but I’m going to get them directly from the website without much change.

  56. PaperBagMan says:

    Can you make pdf of The New Gate,here’s a link.

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Yes, I quite like the story and I was planning on doing it.

      1. PaperBagMan says:

        Thanks for your help.

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Um… You double posted…

      Anyway, I do plan on doing it.

      1. PaperBagMan says:

        Sorry,my internet is slow.XD

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Ah. That’s alright 🙂

          1. lexter says:

            Thanks for the meal vijay.. Also to paperbagman for the link

          2. Vijay Kakani says:

            You’re welcome 🙂

  57. PaperBagMan says:

    My comment wouldn’t show up.(.-.)

  58. Gladisx5 says:

    Could you please make pdfs of these novels? If you have free time ofcourse.



    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I’m sorry, but I already have enough on my plate right now.

      1. Gladisx5 says:

        It’s okay, you are already making pdfs for a lot of novels, thank you for all that you are doing. I’m going to try and make pdfs for those novels myself.

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Thank you very much 🙂

          Good luck and ask for help if you need any. I do have some experience on my shoulders 😉

        2. Vijay Kakani says:

          Mmm… Actually I’ve done Risou no Himo Seikatsu (2). I did both volumes 1 and 2 in one hour in a fit of speedy rushing movement. Now my hands hurt… ouch…

          I don’t know if I will do (1) or not…

          Sorry if this turned out to be a surprise. Don’t think I lied as well. I was busily writing my own story (Phoenix Rising) early in the morning before work. So I am in a rushing mood and tend to not think cooly.

          Then you posted this and I took a look at UNF. I forgot about that site so I looked at it and got immediately turned off immediately by how tight those sentence spaces were. You know how it is, being busy and I was rushing things during work…

          1. Gladisx5 says:

            Thank you very much, you are the best ^_^.

          2. Vijay Kakani says:

            You’re welcome 🙂

  59. jegig says:

    Hi can you possibly update the mushoku tensei shared space?,Volume 23 is fully translated,thx a lot and very appreciated!

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Sure 🙂

      1. jegig says:

        Also,i want to notice you,the latest volume 24 is also up as well,this conclude the mushoku tensei series ><,a pdf would be awesome,thx!

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Yes, thank you and the PDF’s made 🙂

  60. DemonGodFist says:

    mushoku tensei vol 23 is up on bakatsuki and have full text as well 😀

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Thanks for notifying me 🙂

  61. dragonblu says:

    hi do u by any chance have hataraku maou sama volumes 1 and 2?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I’m sorry. I don’t.

  62. abscalibur says:

    pls can u update RE monsters

  63. boo says:

    can u please upload danmachi volume5 If u can?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I’m sorry, but I doubt I can because of copyright laws. Additionally, I don’t have it with me.

  64. Ein says:

    can you do the pdf for the missing volumes of chrome shelled regios?

    1. Ein says:

      It looks like the missing volumes are translated in BakaBT so not sure why it’s missing…

  65. Sinistermeow says:

    I really like what your doing here, I think its great… I just wish I was advanced enough to do this myself xD. Thanks to you i have found some new stuff to read thank you so much! (I was running low on stuff that would actually catch and hold my attention) it is so hard to find good stuff to read :/

  66. Drago says:

    Hey Vijay cn u make up the pdf the missing Novels Of Ar they r here

    Thnx in advance

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Sorry, Drago, but that’s too much for me to do with the time I have right now.

  67. Anurag says:

    Can you please upload Mahouka vol 14 on any other site than Mega. For some reason its not working for me. Or just tell me the source

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Mmm… I believe it’s licensed and that’s not something I’d like to do. Sorry.

      If you want to read it, go here:

      1. Anurag says:

        But didn’t you already upload the 14 vol on
        But the site is not working for me

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          I think it got removed due to the licensed thing.

  68. DemonGodFist says:

    can you update KnWord master? or still busy?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Yes. I planned to do this after I settle down after my vacation. They’re being uploaded to the Shared Space.

  69. Anurag says:

    I know that its already licensed, but can you find any download links for Hataraku Maoh-sama.

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I’m sorry, but I don’t help in searching to download licensed stuff. I might have done that in the past, but that’s in the past now and I don’t want to do it anymore.

  70. chan says:

    thank for the great list. Volume 14 of Mahouka Koukou no Rettouse is not completed. Please update it.Thanks=)

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      You’re welcome 🙂

      Got it and done! 😉

  71. Orobas says:

    Thanks for great list may i suggest another title to you ?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Go ahead 🙂

      1. Orobas says:

        Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken is title that i recomend….and thank you for your hard work sir…

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Okay. I’ll see about getting it done 🙂

          1. Orobas says:

            Thank you very much 🙂

  72. Ein says:


    Can you please do Chrome Shelled Regios vol 23 and 25? Those are the only missing ones.

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Alright. 🙂

  73. Xavier says:

    Could you upload volumes 15-17 of Cube x Cursed x Curious? Thanks.

  74. [X]Jow says:

    Does someone knows any PDF for Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! ?

  75. Christophe says:

    Thank you ! I’m glad I found this website.
    I took a few pdf so now I have stuff to read fo a while. 😉

    If you’re interested in making more pdf, there are two LN without pdf/epub for now.
    The first volumes of CtG and Ore no nounai (both complete on baka-tsuki).

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      It’s my pleasure and good for you 🙂

      No, not really. They don’t interest me and I’ve already watched the anime to make PDFs of them.

  76. 2kPanda says:

    Vijay Kakani, volume 2 of The New Gates is not finish because it’s missing chapter 1, 2, and 3. Thank you for finishing volume 1 though.

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Oh, I see. My mistake then. Anyway, thank you for letting me know and you’re welcome 🙂

  77. john34404 says:

    Thank you for the hard work of putting these works into pdf!!!

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Haha. It’s my pleasure 🙂

  78. Kqirk says:

    Thank you for your hard work for the PDF’s! I am really grateful!
    If I may,a could I request I PDF for Meiyaku no leviathan?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      You’re most welcome! 😉

      Alright! I’ll go ahead and make their PDFs now, but I can only do the ones that were translated.

      1. Kqirk says:

        Once again, thank you so much! ^^

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          You’re welcome! 😉

  79. Kqirk says:

    Hi, ould I make another request for Hataraku Maou Sama volume 3? Here’s the link to it

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Oh… I’m sorry, but I don’t make PDFs for licensed novels.

  80. [X]Jow says:

    Seems like Arifureta has finally have a official Release of Volume
    And the Artist is TakayaKI Wow….

  81. Kqirk says:

    Sure, I understand, thank you so much regardless ^^

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      You’re welcome 🙂

  82. Can you put up volume 5 of Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken,thx 🙂

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Yes. I already did. Please, visit the download links once again to find it there.

  83. It’d be awesome if you could make an actual PDF file of each Overlord volume. If you can do that it’d be great.

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I’m liking the anime greatly, but I’m not so sure about the novel. Oh well… I’ll see if I can do it in my spare time. 🙂

      1. Thanks! It’s helpful for me because I review light novels, but I’m not always able to be near Wi-Fi so having it as a pdf for my e-reader helps a bunch.

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          You’re welcome and yeah. I understand what you mean because I was in your situation a lot of times in the past. That’s why, I decided on taking requests and making these for people to read offline. 🙂

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Ah. I’ll see if I can do them, but I had been rather busy lately. So, no promises, but I’ll do my best like always. 🙂

  84. Dere says:

    Will you do Mushoku Tensei pdfs?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I did. You will see it on the list above.

      1. Dere says:

        Oh, I’m sorry, for some reason I thought there were more volumes.

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          That’s alright and yeah. If there are, baka-tsuki would show them.

  85. Khang Ngo says:

    Can you please do the pdfs of Meiyaku no Leviathan? Thanks!

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I did. The link to the down is in the list above. Please, do check properly and it will be there. 🙂

  86. Cathy says:

    Amm, Ark, perhaps? It’s been completed, right?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Yeah… That’s a LOT of work for me right now, so I’m not going to do it. I’m sorry about this.

  87. Lnlover says:

    Can you do “Toaru majutsu no index:New Testament”.Will be really grateful.Thanks.

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I’m sorry, but the “Toaru majutsu no index” series is licensed and I don’t them.

      1. Lnlover says:

        But New Testament isn’t licensed

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Oh…! I must’ve mistaken it to the original series. My bad. Anyway, I’ll get around to doing it soon since there are quite the number of volumes. Of course, I will do the baka-tsuki version since it’s too much effort for me to do everything there individually.

          1. Lnlover says:

            Thank you very much.

          2. Vijay Kakani says:

            You’re welcome 🙂

  88. Aome says:

    Can you do “Knight’s & Magic” from Skythewood? Thanks!

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Okay. I’ll do it soon. 🙂

      1. Aome says:

        Thanks! Thanks!

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          It’s my pleasure! 😉

  89. There’s a new volume of Gakusen and Ark is completed at I know you prefer no machine translations, but these are actually really well done and I mean really well done. I had no trouble reading any of the volumes. If you could make PDFs of them that’d be great.

  90. hei…thanks for ur work…but is there still request?….if there is..can i ask for ‘Shinmai Maou no Testament” light novel?

  91. Klend says:

    Can you do “Arifureta” please? Thanks

  92. Choco says:

    Is there a chance you will make a pdf of this series?

  93. John Smith says:

    kumo desu ga from turb0 translation please…

  94. Aome says:

    There’s new LN volume of Mushoku Tensei. Will you do it(with illustration)?

  95. Raghavendra says:

    Can you please make a pdf for Rakudai kishi no Eiyuutan vol 4 and onward?

  96. Note says:

    can you make pdf for Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu please ??

  97. will u do sekai no owari encore LN? i don’t know if it licensed or not……..

  98. [X]Jow says:

    Konjiki no Moji Tsukai PDF Compilation on Volume 1 has alot of “” things and when i go searching it. they are already replaced w/ a proper words. Do you have plan on re-editing Volume 1 ?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I’m sorry, but I don’t have enough time to do that novel. Sorry.

  99. Her name is Um says:

    Excuse me. When you get the chance or finish a project, would u mind taking a look at Jashin Average/Evil God Average to see if you’d like to pdf it? It’s complete except for a few side story chapters.

  100. mirou_hml says:

    will u post Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru ?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      My hands are a little full with my life, my story and my work. I’m sorry, but no. I’m going to “pass” this one.

  101. Kitame Sume says:

    nearly all of “Mahouka Koukou no Rettouse” novels had been removed from mediafire, is there any alternative to get them?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Yes, I’m sure they are, because it is “Licensed”. I doubt anyone else will have it up on due to that reason.

      1. Kitame Sume says:

        i see, well thats a shame.

        i was looking forward to getting the latter volumes as the anime series had got me hooked.

        in any case, thanks for informing me, i’ll try asking my friends whether they got a copy.

  102. Diego says:

    Would you update Gakusen Toshi and Rakudai Kishi if you can? There are a couple of volumes more in each one.

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I’m sorry, but I’ve been really busy lately, so, I wouldn’t be updating them.

      1. Diego says:

        But would you do it if you have the chance? More so Gakusen Toshi, that its gonna be realese in summer and we are gonna loose the rest 🙁

        1. Vijay Kakani says:

          Maybe, just maybe, but Baka-Tsuki is down and I don’t have the translated content to do more of that story if I wanted to.

  103. Gabriel says:

    Could you give me the link of the dropbox or the page with all the mushoku tensei pdf volumes
    I cant find it on the website Please!

    1. Gabriel says:

      Aaah sorry i just found only 4 more volumes to go hehh

      1. Vijay Kakani says:

        That’s okay 🙂

  104. Crest says:

    Can you make the PDF for Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Vol 6. it’s already translated

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      Sorry, but I’ll have to drop that series because I’ve just been really busy to keep up with it anymore.

  105. Villager A says:

    Can you make pdf for Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro for vol 7-10?
    It’s completed at vol 10 and all translated

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I’m sorry, but I’m really busy to pick anymore stories to make PDFs of.

  106. Austaken says:

    I was trying to read the danmachi pdf and neither of the links work is there any way I can get them?
    Thanks for taking time to do all of these by the way

  107. Sadman1213 says:

    The no game no life links for vol 3, 4 and 5 are broken. Can you please fix them?

    1. Vijay Kakani says:

      I’m sorry, but the LN is licensed.

  108. I was wondering if you would be willing to update the translations you have of Re:Monster since the translations have come a long way since January 2015, to the point that volume 6 has been pretty much cleanly translated. Check

    1. Sorry I meant check for the current translation.

    2. Vijay Kakani says:

      Ah. Sure. I’ll do that once I get the chance.

  109. if it’s not to much to ask when is the latest volume of “Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken” coming out im so far in and now im going to be sad once i finish what i have left

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