Phoenix Rising v2

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A new baby is born into a fantasy world and the baby is named Lakshman Chand. The story follows Lakshman, nicknamed Lucky, as he grows in life, uncovers mysteries and discovers his destiny.

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Author’s Note

This is an improved version of the original story that I started 2 years ago called Phoenix Rising. The story and plot won’t be changed by much, only the events in how the story progressed will be changed. It will also contains improved writing style and better grammar than seen in the original chapters.


The downloads usually cover the Arcs, but I also upload the individual chapters as I see fit. Sometimes I upload chapters in a bunch or I upload only the Arcs if I feel they will be done quickly.

Anyway, below are the list of available downloads you can use to get the PDF Packs of the Arcs and chapters (if available). Please comment if there is any problem accessing them.

  • MediaFire
  • MEGA
  • GDrive

Arc 01: Beginning (Ongoing)

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